Chaos Legend Maple Drum Kit 3 Piece - Red Sparkle Burst

Configuration: 20x16-10x8-14x14 Shell Pack
Sale price$999.00 AUD


Legend – All about the Maple – Legend is a professional drum set with top features such as the Class Y suspension mounts, solid cast nickel lugs, 1000 series hardware and high gloss lacquer finishes.

Rack & Floor Toms are a thinner 6ply 7mm North American Maple shell with Rack Toms being suspended with the new 2022 Y mount suspension system making the drums sing with maximum resonance. Virgin Kick Drums with matching lacquered hoops are slightly thicker at 8mm providing increased depth in providing that low end THUD. All shells use the solid nickel cast lugs.

* North American Maple Shells
* 45 Degree Bearing Edges
* Chrome Hardware
* Toms: 2mm Hoops
* Snare: 3mm Reverse Flange Hoops
* Virgin Bass Drum
* Amazing Finishes
* Solid Nickel Cast Lugs
* Class Y Suspension Mounts

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