Chaos Rogue Drum Kit - Red Fade

Configuration: 5pc Drum Kit 22x18-10x8-12x9-16x16-14x5.5s
Sale price$549.00 AUD


Rogue – The Chaos Rogue series drum set will give the aspiring drummer a great beginning to his or her drumming adventure. We designed this kit for the new and upcoming drummer. Normally a first kit is an eye sore, normally drummers hate their first drum kit. Well that changes today, put this kit side by side with any of the big corporate brands and watch the Chaos Rogue beat them in style, class, sound and price.

* Poplar Shells
* 45 Degree Bearing Edges
* Chrome Hardware
* Matching Wooden Bass Drum Hoops
* Double Braced Hardware
* Full Size Shells
* Professional 1000 Series Double Tom Holder
* Solid Plate Double Chain Bass Drum Pedal
* Telescopic Bass Drum Spurs

Rogue series drums are made out of high grade Poplar, the shells are 6 ply with a thickness of 7.2mm. Poplar is known for its soft highs and mids and boosted low end.

H-250 Hi Hat Cymbal Stand
S-250 Snare Drum Stand
P-400 Drum Pedal
C-250 Straight Cymbal Stand
DTH-1000 Tom Tom Holder
DT-100 Drum Throne
1 Pair of Drum Sticks
(7 Piece configuration contains an additional BC-250 + TH-1000 tom clamp)

Rech Chaos 13” Hi Hat
Rech Chaos 18” Crash

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