Introducing Sonic Drum Heads - A New Player in the Drumming Industry

Melbourne, Australia - March 12, 2023 - Sonic Drum Heads, a new brand in the drumming industry, has announced its official launch today. With an extensive range of drum heads available in sizes ranging from 6-24'', Sonic Drum Heads offers drummers across Australia the opportunity to experience high-quality products at affordable prices.

The new brand is committed to offering a superior product range that caters to drummers of all skill levels. Sonic Drum Heads feature a durable design that produces a clear and precise sound, providing drummers with a responsive and dynamic playing experience.

"Our goal is to provide drummers across Australia & the world with an affordable option for high-quality drum heads," said Josh from Rech distribution. "We believe that every drummer should have access to exceptional drumming equipment, regardless of their skill level or budget. Today, with Sonic Drum Heads, we are making this vision a reality."

Sonic Drum Heads is committed to offering a range of products that meet the diverse needs of drummers. The brand's drum head range includes everything from coated, clear, black 1 or 2 ply models as well as some speciality models.

In addition to its current diverse range of heads, Sonic Drum Heads offers free shipping on all orders within Australia, making it easy and affordable for drummers to upgrade their drumming equipment.

Sonic Drum Heads has already received positive feedback from drummers across Australia, who have praised the brand's commitment to quality and affordability.

For more information about Sonic Drum Heads and its product range, check out this link.

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