Jeremy Aldridge of Vanquised Joins Rech

We're delighted to introduce Jeremy, our newest member of the Rech Cymbals team! Jeremy brings a wealth of expertise and a heartwarming mission to our group.

Jeremy is the driving force behind the Beats4Life music therapy program, a remarkable initiative dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities. As a certified facilitator of Rhythm2Recovery therapeutic programs, he utilizes the power of rhythm and reflection to unlock human potential.

Jeremy's extensive experience extends to working with a diverse range of individuals, including those with conditions ranging from Autism to acquired brain injuries. He is not only a passionate musician but also a captivating instructor, making him an ideal fit for our team.

One of the standout features of Jeremy's program is its adaptability. Whether you're seeking individual sessions or group classes, his programs can be customized to suit your needs. Whether it's in a school setting, aged care facility, corporate environment, or open to the public, Jeremy's dedication and expertise shine through, making him a valuable addition to the Rech Cymbals family. Welcome, Jeremy!
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