Meet Sterling Junkin of Team Rech

We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented metal drummer, Sterling Junkin, is joining Team Rech. It's an absolute honor to have such a high-caliber player on board, and we are looking forward to the magic that he will bring to the table. 
Sterling is a seasoned metal drummer with an impressive 20-year career under his belt. Having played with a plethora of death metal bands, Sterling has honed his craft to become a true expert in his field. With a specialty for intense blast beats, Sterling's performances are nothing short of exhilarating to watch. He effortlessly commands his sticks and pedals.

Sterling can often be found uploading videos to his YouTube channel. In these covers, he showcases his favourite tracks to play, giving fans an insight into his creative process and providing a platform for others to learn from his techniques.

In summary, Sterling Junkin is a metal drummer who has truly mastered his craft. With his impressive 20-year career, his love for blast beats, and his exceptional hand and foot techniques, Sterling is a force to be reckoned with in the metal music scene. 

Check out his setup right here