Dean Kennedy Drummer - Rech Endorsee
ARTIST: Dean Kennedy
GROUP: Session Drummer
BRAND: Rech, Chaos Drum Sticks
LOCATION: Melbourne - Australia

Dean Kennedy is one of Australia's most sought out session drummer for the prog rock and metal genres. He's played for bands such as Teramaze, Damnations Day, Aggressive Dogs (Japan) and done session work for many bands - Black Majesty, Vanishing Point, Narayan, Divine Ascension, Bane of Winterstorm.

Early days - Lars Ulrich, Gene Hoglan, Dirk Verbueren, Brian Rasmussen
These days - Gavin Harrison, Terry Bozzio, John Macaluso


Inferno Dark 14" Hi Hats
Inferno Dark 13'' Hi Hats
Inferno Dry 21'' Ride
Inferno Dark 16'' Medium Thin Crash
Inferno Dark 17'' Medium Thin Crash
Inferno Dark 18'' Medium Thin Crash
Inferno Dry 16'' China
Inferno Dry 18'' China
Effects 6'' Raw Bell
Effects 7'' Raw Bell
Effects 9'' Raw Bell