ARTIST: Bailey Walker
GROUPS: The Justus Trio, Dellacoma, Banned From The Club, Sailing In Space, Whistle
BRAND: Rech, Chaos Drumsticks
LOCATION: Sunshine Coast - QLD

Being left-handed behind a right-handed kit, I take smooth grooves and funky rim shots to bring a unique style of play in my chosen genres of rock fusion, pop-punk and indie rock. In my time drumming in bands across the Australia's east coast, I have gained a real taste for collaboration and community amongst drummers and other musicians alike.
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INFLUENCES - Dan Kerby, Josh Brozzesi, G-Flip


Inferno Dark 15” Hi Hats
Inferno Dark 17” Crash
Inferno Dark 19” Crash
Inferno Dark 20” Ride
Inferno Complex 20'' Ride
Inferno Complex 18'' Crash
Prestige 17” Crash
Inferno Dry 8”/10” Stack
Stealth 13” Hi Hats
Stealth 14” Crash
Stealth 16” Crash
Stealth 20” Ride

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