Artist: Blake Alessandro
Group: Frontier Season
Brand: Rech, Chaos Sticks
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Artist Profile:
Blake has been drumming since the age of four, drawing inspiration from Punk, Rock & Metal bands such as Blink-182, The Used, Issues, Beartooth & Underoath. Leaving high school in year Blake has been following his dream to make a career in music, touring around Australia and playing shows whenever he got the chance . With his own style of steady precise drumming, he provides a solid foundation for any band.

Influential Drummers: Connor Denis (Beartooth), Josh Manuel (Issues), Aaron Gillespie (Underoath)

Favourite Rudiment: Single Paradiddle

Inferno Dark 15" Hi Hats
Platinum 20" Power Crash
Nuclear 10" stack
Prestige 12" China
Inferno Dark 19" China
Inferno Dark 24" Ride
Inferno Dark 22" Medium Thin Crash

Chaos X5B Drum Sticks

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