ARTIST: Chalky
GROUP: Odius, Militaria
BRAND: Rech, Chaos Drumsticks
LOCATION: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I was exposed to the music video of Metallica's 'One' when I was 12, absolutely blew my mind, and from that moment I instantly knew I wanted to play drums, and within months of this I was getting lessons, and a year after I was playing in a band, and been doing so for 18 years now.

I'm heavily into my thrash metal drumming style, while also crossing into death metal and punk territories! I played in a thrash band called DERAIGN for 8 years and we toured all over Australia and even reached overseas in Indonesia! When we disbanded in 2019 I was quickly picked up by ODIUS and been playing with them ever since. We're a thrash band that blends elements of groove metal and bits of death metal on the side.
Odius is looking to hit the studio to record their debut album in January 2023. I also have a side project called MILITARIA in which I write all the songs and record the guitar, bass and drums to, and have guest musicians to feature on vocals and solos across every song. I released my debut album in 2021 called REMAINS WITH PAIN which was 10 years in the making, and currently demoing my 2nd album.

Lars Ulrich, Dave Lombardo, Igor Cavalera

Parradiddle / D Beats

Absolute 14’’ Hi Hats
Atomic 20'' Reching Bell Ride
Absolute 17” Crash
Absolute 18” Crash
Absolute 16” China

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