Artist: Clay Tchakalian "Clay T"
Groups: Don’t Change – Ultimate INXS , Night Legion
Brand: Rech, Chaos Drum Sticks
Location: Sydney - Australia

Artist Profile:
Grew up listening to 80s hair
metal so that style of power rock and song-based playing is definitely ingrained in me. Having played in various cover, tribute and original rock and metal bands over the years, there really isn’t a style I haven’t covered. If I can keep people dancing and moving as well as being a drummer that other musicians want to play with, then I’m happy.

Influences: Tico Torres, Thomas Lang, Denny Carmassi

Favorite Rudiment:  Parradiddle Diddle

Inferno Dark 14’’ Hi Hats
Platinum 14’’ Hi Hats
Platinum 18” Crash
Platinum 18” Power Crash
Platinum 18” China
Platinum 10” Splash

Platinum 20’’ Ride

Chaos 2B Sticks
Really liked the weight and feel of the
sticks. Nicely balanced in that they’re beefy enough at the front to do some of the work for you, but not front-heavy. The acorn tip is my favourite. They seem to wear out rather than break too… which is a good thing.

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