ARTIST: Connor Kingdom
GROUP: Gosika
LOCATION: Shoalhaven District ,N.S.W. - Australia.

I focus on a mix of traditional, hammer, bomb, and gravity/freehand blast beats, fast-paced 16th note - 32nd note double bass runs, while also taking elements from funk and simple jazz to add dynamics. I also try to add groove by utilising a mix of polyrhythms and ghost notes, or by simply playing basic four-on-the-floor rock beats.

Chris Adler, Gene Hoglan, and most importantly, Joey Jordison (RIP).


B8 Metal 20” Ride
Prestige 20” Ride
B8 Metal 14” Trash Crash
Prestige 16” Crash
Prestige 17” Crash
B8 Metal 18” Crash
B8 Metal 18” Trash China
B8 Metal 8” Splash
EFX 8” Bell

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