ARTIST: Henry James
GROUP: Christ Dismembered 
LOCATION: Mount Gambier

Henry James is a metal drummer that can blast out speeds of 260+ and he does it with precision and power. 
"I've Always had a strong focus and passion on extreme metal drumming and specialize in that field, but I have always had a taste and respect for other styles such as bluegrass, solid rock and roll & jazz."

Nicholas Barker, Nills Felstrom, Florian Klein

Singles strokes ,Double strokes ,Paradidles

Atomic 14" Hi Hats
Atomic 13'' Hi Hats
Atomic 22'' Reching Bell Ride
Platinum 17'' Power Crash
Platinum 18'' Power Crash
Platinum 19'' Power Crash
Prestige 14'' China
Prestige 18'' China
Prestige 20'' China
Prestige 8'' Splash
Prestige 10'' Splash