Artist: Jared Roberts
Group: Desecrator, Munt, Alarum
Brand: Rech, Chaos Drum Sticks
Location: Melbourne - Australia

Artist Profile:
Playing Style: Metal/Hard Rock. Specialise in Thrash, Death, Black, Grind & Straight 4-on-the-floor Rock.
Jared has been playing drums for almost 30 years, and is currently the drummer for thrash titans
Desecrator, black/grind outfit Munt, and legendary Aussie prog/fusion metal band Alarum.
From the age of 8, Jared developed his drumming chops jamming along to classic rock and metal, and
has played in various cover bands, tribute acts, and original bands since the age of 12. Beginning with
Sentor, a band formed at high school that gathered some national recognition after a standout album
via the Kool Skools program and a label signing, Jared had built a large resume of touring, gigs and
recording by the age of 20.
Jared toured as a fill-in drummer for metalcore band Exit Wounds in 2007-08 and was the drummer for
renowned thrash/death metal act Netherealm until 2012. After relocating to Melbourne, a chance
conversation at the end of a drum lesson with Dave Haley (Psycroptic) introduced him to Desecrator.
Jared has toured extensively around the world with Desecrator ever since - releasing 2 albums, an EP,
and 2 singles. In 2021 Jared joined both Munt and Alarum while Desecrator takes a well needed break
and has performed and recorded with both bands on upcoming releases.

Influences: Nicholas Barker, Matt Cameron, Carter Beauford

Favorite Rudiment:  A modified version of the Triple Stroke Roll

Diablo 14’’ Hi Hats
Nuclear Shockwave 13” Hi Hats
Effects 7” Natural Bell
Platinum 17” Fast Crash
Platinum 18” Fast Crash
Inferno 16” Dark Crash
Inferno 18” Dark Crash
Platinum 10’’ Splash
Inferno Dry 8” Splash
Prestige 18” China
Absolute 18” China
Atomic 20” Ride

Chaos 5BN Sticks
"I’ve been a 5BN user for many years and I was keen to try the Chaos sticks as soon as they were
available. I was immediately impressed by the quality, the weight and shape of the 5B was just right and
the support from Rech/Chaos is fantastic."