Artist: Mick Sargent Aka Sarge
Group: Independent
Brand: Rech, Chaos Drum Sticks
Location: Porters Retreat N.S.W. (Middle of Nowhere!!)

Artist Profile:
"Although I got a grounding in jazz from Mal Morgan of the great 'Galapagos Duck', my style is fairly basic and straight forward. There's not much I don't like to play. I spent a decade in the states, playing Blues Rock, Country and Gospel & have been blessed to work with some great people in Europe on some metal projects. I do have a passion for the heavier side of things. 

I enjoy playing a lot of different genres, I have been really impressed how Rech and Chaos, have something to fit both live and the studio (love my dry's in the studio, and the darks are great live!) Not only do they sound great, but this quality stuff looks cool as hell too!!

Influential Drummers: Tico Torres, Kenny Aronoff, Cozy Powell, Portnoy

Favourite Rudiment : Double Paradiddle

- Inferno Dry 15'' Hi Hats
- Inferno Dry 16'' Crash
- Inferno Dry 17'' Crash
- Inferno Dry 18'' Crash
- Inferno Dry 19'' Crash
- Inferno Dry 22'' Ride
- Inferno Dark 15'' Hi Hats
- Inferno Dark 17'' Thin Crash
- Inferno Dark 18'' Thin Crash
- Inferno Dark 19'' Medium Thin Crash
- Inferno Dark 24'' Ride
- Absolute 15'' Hi Hats
- Absolute 22'' Ride
- Prestige 18'' China
- Prestige 20'' China
- Prestige 8'' Splash

Chaos Drum Sticks
5BN, 5B, 5A, 7AN
"I tried a pair to give em a shot, and I fell in love with the feel and balance! So much better than the big brands, and so far, they are standing up to a good deal of punishment. Just like all the other gear from Rech!"

Mick is regularly releasing new drum cover videos you can check them out on Youtube
Sarge Drums Youtube