Artist: Ned Gulliford
Group: Therein
Brand: Rech
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Artist Profile:
Ned is an experimental metal madman, providing the skeletal scaffolding that props up the lunacy of Brisbane metal kinsmen Therein.

Influential Drummers: Vinnie Paul, Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander, Gene Hoglan

Favourite Rudiment: Swiss Triplet

Diablo 16” Hi Hats
Atomic 20” Reching Bell Ride
Inferno Dry 20” Ride
Inferno Dry 20” Crash

Chaos X2B Drum Sticks
"X2B is the only model stick that packs enough punch to deliver a devastating rim shotcapable of completing with a full stack of guitars whilst also enough finesse to mow down odd signatures at fast tempos"