Artist: Nick Ross
Group: Teramaze, Witchgrinder
Brand: Rech
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Artist Profile:
Nick is a very skilled drummer who's style is precise, technical when necessary and always groovy, you can catch Nick absolutely crushing it with Melbourne prog metal outfit Teramaze and his other band Witchgrinder.

Influential Drummers: Eloy Casagrande, Neil Peart, Gene Hoglan

Favourite Rudiment: Double Paradiddle

Inferno Dark 14" Hi Hats
Platinum 22" Power Ride
Inferno Dry 12/14'' stack
Prestige 14" China
Inferno Dark 19" China
Inferno Dark 24" Ride
Inferno Dark 17" Medium Thin Crash
Prestige 19'' Medium Thin Crash

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Nick Ross Drums Facebook Page