Artist: Robin stone
Group: Session Musician, Norse, Convulsing, Virulent Depravity, Imperfectionist
Brand: Rech
Location: N.S.W. Australia

Artist Profile:
One of the fastest dudes on the planet! Robin Stone has built a reputable online following with his extreme metal drumming. Relentless speeds backed up with technical prowess, Robin is a machine among men. Robin has been a full time session drummer since 2018.

Influential Drummers: Anyone that puts in 100% and takes pride in what they do.

Favourite Rudiment: Paradiddles

Inferno Dry 15’' hats
Custom Nuclear Heavy Ride 20’'
Atomic 18'' Reching Bell Ride
Nuclear Devastation Chinas 19'' and 21’'
Atomic 10'' and 12’' Splashes
Platinum 17'' and 18’' Fast Crashes

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