Artist: Shane Dawson
Group: Independent 
Brand: Rech, Chaos Drums, Chaos Drum Sticks
Location: Ballarat - Victoria Australia

Artist Profile:
Shane started as a marching drummer at age 10 then stopped playing at the 20 to pursue a career in the military. Picked the sticks back up in 2009 and has been playing in cover and original bands since then. After taking a recent break Shane is now ready to rock with 2 prominent projects on the cards with fellow musicians in his new hometown of Ballarat.

Influential Drummers: Dave Lombardo, Josh Eppard, Justin Foley

Inferno Dark 15’ Hi Hats
Inferno Dry 22” ride (studio)
Platinum 22’’ Power Ride (live)
Inferno Dark 19'' Medium Thin Crash (studio)
Inferno Dark 20” Medium Thin Crash (studio)
Platinum 18” Sick Crash (live)
Platinum 19” Power Crash (live)
Inferno Dark 19” China
Nuclear Prototype 8'' Splash

Chaos X5B Hickory Sticks and Chaos Grip Tape
- I switched to Chaos after trying dozens of brands. Nothing seemed to feel or work for me until I tried Chaos. The balance and feel fits my style perfectly.