ARTIST: Tim Keen
GROUP: RedThorn, Brittany Elise, Wal Neilsen, Session Drummer
BRAND: Rech, Chaos Drumsticks, Relic
LOCATION: Gladstone, Central Qld, Australia

Tim was born into a family of musician's, so music and rhythm was in his blood. From a young age he was constantly getting in trouble for tapping on or with anything he could get his hands on. Listening and watching his eldest brother Nathan (who is an exceptional drummer) and someone he looked up to and admired is where it all began for him as a drummer. He got behind the kit from the age of 11 and the rest is history.
Tim is an energetic, self taught, hard hitting master of funk and groove. Playing on the front line with precision and definitive creativity. Loves syncopated accents, ghost notes and sitting in the pocket. Mix that all together with some reggae, rock, nu metal and blues and you've got his style.

Chad Smith, Carter Beauford, Brad Wilk

Paradiddle diddle

Platinum 10" Splash
Platinum 13" Hi Hats
Platinum 15" Fast Crash
Platinum 16" Sick Crash
Platinum 17" Fast Crash
Platinum 20" Ride

Chaos Black Label 7A Sticks
I started off wanting to support an Australian business. Glad I made the switch to Chaos sticks. Great feel, perfect weight and perfect for my style of playing. In the words of my brother "Tim hits the hell out of the drums with attack and sublime intuition" so I needed a stick that could withstand a good beating. And they do! Absolutely love them! 

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