Zac Sale Rech Cymbals  

Artist: Zac Sale
Group: Killrazer, The Plague
Brand: Rech, Chaos Drum Sticks.
Location: Sydney N.S.W.

Artist Profile:
Zak has been playing in Sydney metal bands since the 2003, Bands he has drummed for include Head Hammer, Murderworld, Dark Order, Black Reign and Nursing Home Stalkers. Zac has also played in an Alice Cooper tribute band and a Iron Maiden tribute band & is currently playing drums for old school Swedish death metal inspired group The Plague and Death/Thrash group Killrazer.

Influential Drummers: Dave Lombardo, Gene Hoglan

Platinum 22" Ride
Platinum 16" Crash
Platinum 17" Crash
Platinum 18" Crash
Platinum 18" China
Platinum 14" hats
Platinum 8" splash
Platinum 10" splash