Chaos Sovereign Drum Kit - Purple Sparkle

Configuration: 5pc Shell Pack 22x18-10x8-12x9-16x16-14x5.5s
Sale price$880.00 AUD


Choose your desired shell pack with optional hardware & cymbal pack.

Sovereign – Featuring full Birch Shells – Birch is known for it’s boosted high end frequencies, slightly reduced mid range & boosted low end punch. The kit Boosts a powerful 22’’x18’’ Bass Drum with matching wooden hoops, and a matching 14’’x5.5’’wooden snare drum. The rack toms are supported by the heavy duty tri-way bass drum mount connected to our Class Y Suspension Mounts for maximum resonance.

Contents include a
2x BC-400 Boom Cymbal Stand
2x BCA-400 Boom Cymbal Arm
H400 Hi Hat Stand
S400 Snare Stand

The Sovereign line is not only sonically appealing but visually appearing boosting amazing wraps in a array of colours.

* Birch Shell
* Class Y Suspension Mounts
* 45 Degree Bearing Edges
* Chrome Hardware
* Tri-Way Bass Drum Mount

Optional Rech B8 Metal Cymbal Pack 14Hi Hats, 16 Crash, 18 Crash, 20 Ride & a Free Cymbal Bag.

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