Chaos Illusion Acrylic Drum Kit - Purple

Configuration: 4pc Shell Pack 24x16-13x9-18x16-14x5.5s
Sale price$1,599.00 AUD


Illusion – seamless acrylic shells for that eye catching look. Illusion is a professional drum set with top features such as the Class Y Suspension Mounts, Solid Nickel Cast Lugs, 1000 series hardware and crystal clear acrylic shells.

* Seamless Acrylic 7mm Molded Shells
* 45 Degree Bearing Edges
* Chrome Hardware
* Toms: 2mm Hoops
* Snare: 3mm Reverse Flange Hoops
* Virgin Bass Drum
* Class Y Suspension Mounts
* Solid Nickel Cast Lugs

Hardware Pack for 5 Piece Kit
2x CBS-1000 Combination Stand
H-1000 Hi Hat Cymbal Stand
S-1000 Snare Drum Stand

Hardware Pack for 7 Piece Kit
CBS-1000 Combination Stand
H-1000 Hi Hat Stand
DTS-1000 Double Tom Stand + Boom Arm
S-1000 Snare Drum Stand

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