Chaos Metal Forge 14x6.5 Hammered Brass Beat Snare Drum - Chrome

Hoops: 3mm Tripe Flange Hoops
Sale price$599.00 AUD


Chaos Metal Forge 14x6.5 Brass Beat Snare Drums are now made in Australia. We build this snare to your specs and we do it within 48 hours. Whether you want Chrome/Brass/Black Nickel hoops & hardware we will customise it for you. We can also mix match. Ie Brass Hoops/Black Nickel Lugs at the same price point.

All Metal Forge Snares are now fitted out with your Choice of Sonic Drum Heads . Please specify what Sonic Drum Heads you'd like on your customised Metal Forge Snare.

1.1mm Hammered Brass Shell - Plated in Black Nickel
10x Block Head Tube Lugs
Classic Throw Off
Sonic Drum Heads
German Carbon Snare Wires
Choose Either 3mm Triple Flange Power Hoops or Die Cast Hoops

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