Chaos Phoenix Drum Kit - Blue Burst

Configuration: 6pc Shell Pack 22x18-10x8-12x9-14x14-16x16-14x5.5s
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Phoenix – A blend of Birch & Ash – Phoenix is a professional drum set with top features such as the Class Y Suspension Mounts, Solid Nickel Cast Lugs, 1000 series hardware and beautiful satin or laquer finishes.

Chaos Phoenix drums are a hybrid shell made up of 2 amazing woods. The 6ply 7.2mm shells are comprised of 2 outer plies of Ash & 4 inner plies of Birch giving the drums a unique and amazing sound.
Ash is known for it’s warm & pronounced highs & mids ,the large open grain structure of the timber lends itself to a drum that has plenty of volume and projection and to top it off the visual characteristics are simply breath taking.
The inner part of the Phoenix drum shell consist of 4 plies of Birch.
Birch is known for its elevated high frequencies, slightly reduced midrange with boosted low end punch.

* Hybrid Birch/Ash Shell (6ply 7.2mm)
* Chrome Hardware
* Toms: 2mm Hoops
* Snare: 3mm Stick Saver Hoops
* Virgin Bass Drum
* Satin Finishes
* 45 Degree Bearing Edges
* Class Y Suspension Mounts
* Solid Nickel Cast Lugs

1000 Series 4 Piece Hardware Pack includes the following
(H-1000 Hi Hat Stand, S-1000 Snare Drum Stand, 2x CBS-1000 Combination Stands

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