DFP 10Ply Maple Snare Drum Shells Purple Mappa Burl

Size: 13x7 + Snare Beds
Sale price$269.00 AUD


DFP 10Ply Maple Drum Shells - Ready for drilling

High quality 10 Ply Maple Drum Shells
Snare shells include pre-cut snare beds

🥁 Introducing the Ultimate Drum Builder's Dream: The DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell! 🥁

Are you ready to step into the mesmerizing world of drum crafting? Look no further, because we've got the perfect canvas for your rhythmic masterpiece – the DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell.

🌟 Unleash Your Creativity 🌟
With the DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell, you're not just buying a drum; you're investing in a musical journey. Crafted from top-tier maple, this shell provides the ideal foundation for your sonic dreams. The 10-ply design ensures durability, resonance, and a warmth of tone that's simply unmatched.

🎨 Painted to Perfection 🎨
No need to worry about the nitty-gritty of shell finishing. Our DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell comes expertly painted and polished, ready to make a statement on stage. The sleek finish will captivate audiences and fellow drum enthusiasts alike.

🪙 Save Time, Get Grooving 🪙
We know you want to get to the fun part – playing! That's why we've taken care of the intricate snare beds and precise bearing edges for you. No more fussing over details; just get ready to unleash your rhythm.

🔩 Customize Your Sound 🔩
The DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell gives you the freedom to shape your sound. Want to add your unique hardware? No problem! We offer one of the largest ranges of drum hardware on the planet, so you can tailor your drum to your exact specifications.

🥁 Your Sound, Your Style, Your Drum 🥁
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your drumming journey, the DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell is your blank canvas for sonic artistry. Crafted with precision, designed for passion, and built for performance, it's time to make your mark on the world of rhythm.

🌟 Why Choose the DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell? 🌟
✅ Premium 10-ply maple construction
✅ Expertly painted and polished finish
✅ Snare beds and bearing edges professionally done
✅ Customize with the widest range of hardware options

🎵 Elevate Your Drumming Experience 🎵
Don't wait any longer to embark on your drum building adventure. Whether you're a drum builder extraordinaire or a passionate newbie, the DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell is your ticket to crafting the drum kit of your dreams.

🚀 Unlock Your Creative Potential 🚀
Join the ranks of legendary drum builders and musicians who have shaped their signature sound. Get your DFP 10 Ply Maple Shell today and let your rhythm roar!

Order yours now and explore the endless possibilities of drum crafting. 🥁🌟

All Shells are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment.

*Hardware Pictured is not included, it is used as an example for you to picture what is achievable, the lugs used in the Photo are D.F.P. Chunky Tube Lugs, D.F.P. Die Cast Hoops*

Drum Factory Project - DFP

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