Rech B8 Metal 16" / 18" Stack Cymbals

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Rech B8 Metal 16" / 18" Stack Cymbals

"Sharp Aggressive Sound" - The Rech B8 Metal Stack pairs a smaller Trash Crash with a Trash China to produce sharp and aggressive sounds.


Rech B8 Metal 18" Trash China Cymbal

“Ear Crushing” - The Rech B8 Metal China cymbals are the perfect china for those heavy ear crushing breakdowns.

Size: 16"
Weight: Medium Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: High


Rech B8 Metal 16" Trash Crash Cymbal

“Raw & Aggressive” - The Rech B8 METAL Trash Crash Cymbals are raw & aggressive. They explode with the slightest hit of the stick.

Size: 14"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: High


Recommended Setup: The Crash goes on the stand upside down and the china sits on top of the crash, they make contact perfectly, you can adjust the tension on the stand to alter the openness of the stack, tighter will produce a shorter sound, looser will give it a longer duration.


B8 Bronze Cymbal

All cymbals are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment.


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