Rech B8 Stage 7 Piece Super Cymbal Pack Set + FREE Cymbal Bag

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Rech B8 Stage 7 Piece Super Cymbal Pack Set + FREE Cymbal Bag

B8 Stage cymbals by Rech Cymbals Australia are machine hammered from B8 sheet bronze. They feature medium blade lathing combined with brilliant reflector finishes and are machined to perfection creating bright and lively sounds while remain affordable. Perfectly suited for Rock, Metal, and Pop, RnB, and Funk.


This 7 piece cymbal pack set includes:


14" B8 Stage Hi Hat Cymbals

“Versatile & Crisp” - The Rech B8 Stage Hi Hat Cymbals are a great all rounder, crisp while closed with tight sticking, and loud and cutting whilst open.

Size: 14"
Weight: Medium / Medium Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: High


20" B8 Stage Ride Cymbal

“Crashable” - The Rech B8 Stage Ride Cymbals complement any B8 Stage model, they are as versatile as it gets, bright ping and very crashable.

Size: 20"
Weight: Medium
Volume: Loud
Pitch: High


16" and 18" B8 Stage Crash Cymbals

“Bright & Penetrating” - The Rech B8 Stage Crash Cymbals are bright and penetrating.

Size: 16", 18"
Weight: Medium Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: High


10" B8 Stage Splash Cymbal

"Sharp & Bright” - The Rech B8 Stage Splash Cymbals project with sharp & bright tones.

Size: 8", 10"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Low
Pitch: Extra High


16" B8 Stage China Cymbal

“Powerful & Raw” - The Rech B8 Stage China Cymbals open up with ease, they sound powerful & raw.

Size: 16", 18"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: High


Includes FREE Rech Cymbal BagB8 Bronze Cymbals.

All cymbals are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment.


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