Rech Inferno Dark 5 Piece Cymbal Pack Set

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Rech Inferno Dark 5 Piece Cymbal Pack Set

Inferno Dark cymbals by Rech Cymbals Australia are meticulously hand hammered from B20 cast bronze. Master craft thin lathing combined with a traditional finish give these cymbals deep, dark, and howling tones. Perfectly Suited for Pop, Progressive, RnB, Blues, Alternative, Funk, and Latin.


This 5 piece cymbal pack set includes:


14" Inferno Dark Hi Hat Cymbals

“Amazing Response” - The Rech Inferno Dark Hi Hat cymbals have an excellent response and pronounced sticking capabilities that produce a warm but elegant chick. Opened they have a clear and full sound.

Size: 14"
Weight: Medium Thin / Medium
Volume: Soft / Medium
Pitch: Low / Medium


20" Inferno Dark Ride Cymbal

“Pure Sophistication & Class” - The Rech Inferno Dark Ride cymbals are an amazing all rounder for any artist. Great ping and clear stick definition with a deep howling wash in the background. When crashed, these cymbals bellow and are fully complete with a clear and cutting bell. Pure Sophistication and Class.

Size: 20"
Weight: Medium
Volume: Medium
Pitch: Low / Medium

16" and 18" Inferno Dark Medium Thin Crash Cymbals

“Resonate with Luxury.” The Rech Inferno Dark Medium Thin Crash cymbals deliver deep, dark and howling tones that resonate with luxury.

Size: 16", 18"
Weight: Medium Thin
Volume: Medium
Pitch: Low
B20 Bronze Cymbal Handcrafted in Turkey.

All cymbals are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment.


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