Rech Platinum 7 Piece Super Cymbal Pack Set

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Rech Platinum 7 Piece Super Cymbal Pack Set

Platinum cymbals by Rech Cymbals Australia are meticulously hand hammered from B20 cast bronze. Combining master craft thin lathing, brilliant finishes and a range of weights gives the Platinum cymbals unsurpassed brilliance and versatility. Perfectly suited for Metal, Rock, Punk, Progressive, Alternative, R&B, Country, Blues, Funk, and Alternative styles of music.


This 7 piece cymbal pack set includes:


14" Platinum Hi Hat Cymbals

“Articulation Unleashed” - The Rech Platinum Hi Hat cymbals transmit a rich, vibrant tone with a solid chick and are extremely responsive to all dynamics.

Size: 14"
Weight: Medium / Heavy
Volume: Medium / Loud
Pitch: Medium


20" Platinum Ride Cymbal

“Balanced & Versatile” - The Rech Platinum Ride cymbals have great stick definition and a deep controlled wash. The bell is pronounced and cutting making this cymbal very musical and tonally bright. They are a solid choice for players looking for the ultimate all-rounder.

Size: 20"
Weight: Medium
Volume: Medium / Loud
Pitch: Medium

16" and 18" Platinum Crash Cymbals

“A Perfect Balance” - Rech Platinum Crash cymbals have a bright, full bodied tone that is superb and electrifying. They are a perfect balance between Rech Platinum Fast Crash cymbals and Rech Platinum Power Crash cymbals.

Size: 16", 18"
Weight: Medium Thin
Volume: Medium
Pitch: Medium


8" Platinum Splash Cymbal

"Project with Clarity" - The Rech Platinum Splash cymbals project with clarity, brilliance and are very musical.

Size: 8"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Medium
Pitch: High


17" Platinum Sick China Cymbal

“Slamming Breakdowns” - The Rech Platinum Sick China cymbals feature laser cutouts and are not only ear and eye catching, they are ear ripping! I can say “the ultimate china for slamming breakdowns”.

Size: 17"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: Low
B20 Bronze Cymbal Handcrafted In Turkey.

All cymbals are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment.


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