Rech Platinum 9 Piece Super Cymbal Pack Set

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Rech Platinum 9 Piece Super Cymbal Pack Set

Platinum cymbals by Rech Cymbals Australia are meticulously hand hammered from B20 cast bronze. Combining master craft thin lathing, brilliant finishes and a range of weights gives the Platinum cymbals unsurpassed brilliance and versatility. Perfectly suited for Metal, Rock, Punk, Progressive, Alternative, R&B, Country, Blues, Funk, and Alternative styles of music.


This 9 piece cymbal pack set includes:


14" Platinum Hi Hat Cymbals

“Articulation Unleashed” - The Rech Platinum Hi Hat cymbals transmit a rich, vibrant tone with a solid chick and are extremely responsive to all dynamics.

Size: 14"
Weight: Medium / Heavy
Volume: Medium / Loud
Pitch: Medium


20" Platinum Ride Cymbal

“Balanced & Versatile” - The Rech Platinum Ride cymbals have great stick definition and a deep controlled wash. The bell is pronounced and cutting making this cymbal very musical and tonally bright. They are a solid choice for players looking for the ultimate all-rounder.

Size: 20"
Weight: Medium
Volume: Medium / Loud
Pitch: Medium

16" and 18" Platinum Crash Cymbals

“A Perfect Balance” - Rech Platinum Crash cymbals have a bright, full bodied tone that is superb and electrifying. They are a perfect balance between Rech Platinum Fast Crash cymbals and Rech Platinum Power Crash cymbals.

Size: 16", 18"
Weight: Medium Thin
Volume: Medium
Pitch: Medium


18" Platinum Sick Crash Cymbal

“Musical Brilliance and Trash” - The Rech Platinum Sick Crash cymbals feature laser cut outs. They are not only ear and eye catching, they are ear ripping as well! We have created an amazing blend of musical brilliance and trash.

Size: 18"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: Low


8" Platinum Splash Cymbal

"Project with Clarity" - The Rech Platinum Splash cymbals project with clarity, brilliance and are very musical.

Size: 8"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Medium
Pitch: High


10" Platinum China Cymbal

"Rapid and Musical" - The Rech Platinum China cymbals are a great way to accentuate your drumming. The small models are fast, rapid and musical. The larger models are trashy & musical.

Size: 10"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Medium / Loud
Pitch: High / Medium / Low


17" Platinum Sick China Cymbal

“Slamming Breakdowns” - The Rech Platinum Sick China cymbals feature laser cutouts and are not only ear and eye catching, they are ear ripping! I can say “the ultimate china for slamming breakdowns”.

Size: 17"
Weight: Thin
Volume: Loud
Pitch: Low
B20 Bronze Cymbal Handcrafted In Turkey.

All cymbals are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment.


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