Relic Tribute Drum Kit - Green Oyster

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Relic Tribute Drum Kit - Green Oyster

Tribute by Relic Drums Australia represents the drums of yesteryear, combining modern drum building techniques with vintage-inspired appointments.

The blended shells of Birch and African Mahogany create a warm, vintage tone that delivers powerful toms, resonant bass drums, and clear yet expressive snare sounds

All Tribute shells feature a 7mm - 6 Ply construction comprised of 2 inner plies of Mahogany chosen for warmth and roundness + 4 outer plies of Birch chosen for its bright and focused attack. The shells are meticulously cut with a precise 45-degree bearing edge for increased attack.

The Tribute Drum shells are perfectly complemented by our vintage-inspired finishes, such as Classic Oyster wraps. Bass drum hoops have matching finish inlays, as well as matching mahogany inner plies.

Snare drums come standard with our strong 3mm reverse flanged “stick saver” hoops and our classic look double-sided lugs. Meanwhile, our toms and bass drums use our single-ended classic look lugs. All drums feature our elegant gold-finished Relic Badges.

Relive the old days with Relic Tribute Drums.

  • Birch / African Mahogany shells
  • 6 Ply / 7mm shell construction
  • 4 plies of Birch and 2 inner plies of Mahogany
  • Various 3 piece configurations available
  • Optional hardware packages available
  • 45 degree bearing edges
  • High quality classic oyster wraps
  • Matching inlay bass drum hoops
  • 3mm reverse flange snare hoops
  • Virgin bass drums and toms
  • Sleek bass drum spurs
  • Classic single ended lugs on bass drums and toms
  • Classic inspired double ended lugs on snares
  • Classic winged bass drum claws

3 Piece Shell Pack Configurations

  • 24x14 bass / 13x9 tom / 16x16 floor

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