Roodiment 3 Sided Drum Rack - "The Cage" DR-6000

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Roodiment 3 Sided Drum Rack - "The Cage" DR-6000

This quality 3 sided drum rack features 3 1100mm Curved Front Bars connected to 4 900 Vertical Posts.

The 3 1100mm Front Curved Bars comes with 2 Multi Clamps each to mount your toms & cymbals. The 3 Vertical Posts each come with complementary CL5 Pipe Clamps and 4 Free Boom Arms.

The 4x 900mm Vertical Posts are connected to 600mm Legs with High Quality Feet for stability.

This is a professional rack complete with metal clamps and high quality chrome tubing.
The DR-6000 is great rack complementing the largest of setups.

High Polished Mirror Like Chrome
3 x 1100mm Curved Front Bar
4x 900mm Vertical Posts with CL5 Clamps
4 x 600mm Feet
4 x Boom Cymbal Arms BCA-900 Model
6 x CL1B Multi Clamps 
4 x CL5 Pipe Clamps

All Roodiment Drum Racks are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment. 


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