Roodiment Boom Cymbal Stand - 2000L Series

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Roodiment Boom Cymbal Stand - 2000L Series

The BC-2000L is a professional heavy duty boom stand that utilizes the thickest combination of tube available 1.1'' + 1'' + 7/8'' providing it the utmost strength and stability. It features the limitless tilter for 360 adjustability along with huge 450mm double braced legs for the ultimate foundation. The black levers function the same as a normal wingnut but give it a very slick appearance. 

Lower Tube 1.1” ,540mm Length
Middle Tube 1'' , 540mm Length
Upper Tube 7/8” ,500mm Length
1/2'' Knurled Hideaway Boom Arm
450mm Double Braced Legs
4.8kg Weight

All Roodiment Drum Hardware is stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment. 


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