Roodiment Double Bass Drum Rack - DR-5000

Sale price$699.00 AUD


Roodiment Double Bass Drum Rack - DR-5000

This quality 2 sided drum rack features 2 1100mm Curved Front Bar connected to 4 900 Vertical Posts via 2 150mm Connector Tubes

The 1100mm Front Curved Bars comes with 2 Multi Clamps each to mount your toms & cymbals. The 4 Vertical Posts each come with complementary CL5 Pipe Clamps and 4 Free Boom Arms.

The 4x 900mm Vertical Posts are connected to 600mm Legs with High Quality Feet for stability.

This is a professional rack complete with metal clamps and high quality chrome tubing.

The DR-5000 is great for Double Bass Drummers with lots of toms and cymbals.

The connector tubes allow for quick setup times off stage, simply setup each side individually carry it on stage and then connect both sides.

High Polished Mirror Like Chrome
2 x 1100mm Curved Front Bar
4 x 900mm Vertical Posts with CL5 Clamps
4 x 600mm Feet
4 x Boom Cymbal Arms BCA-900 Model
4 x CL1B Multi Clamps 
4 x CL5 Pipe Clamps

All Roodiment Drum Racks are stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment. 


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