Roodiment Drum Rack Snare Drum Stand

Combination: SRM1000
Sale price$89.00 AUD


Roodiment Drum Rack Snare Drum Stand

The SRM1000 Drum Rack Snare Stand clamps to existing drum rack tubing, Connect via the CL2 Drum Rack Clamp (sold separately)

This stand is super reliable and sturdy, although it's floating it will not move or fall even at maximum extension, this stand will free up lots of floor space and is the perfect tool for people running multiple pedals for percussion setups and/or remote hi hats.

Easy Adjust Tilter
Lower Tube 1.5” 220mm
Upper Tube 7/8” 240mm

All Roodiment Drum Hardware is stocked right here in Melbourne Australia for fast shipment. 


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