Summit Drum Shells Maple with Tamo Ash Veneer Snare

Size: Summit 13x6.5 Maple with Tamo Ash Veneer Snare Drum Shell
Sale price$209.00 AUD


Summit Drum Shells Maple with Tamo Ash Veneer Snare

Summit Drum Shells deliver a fully finished product that's prepared for painting, staining, drilling, and assembly. Each shell undergoes thorough sanding inside and out, with precise cutting of bearing edges and snare beds. These essential services are already incorporated into the price, offering you a top-tier finished product without any additional expenses. When you select Summit Drum Shells, you're choosing excellence in craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring outstanding results for your drumming endeavours.

Shell Thickness & Ply Structure
Snares: 8 Ply 7mm
7 Plies of Maple + 1 Ply Tamo Ash

Bearing Edges
45 Degree Inner, Rounded Outer

Inside and Outside 180 Grit

Country Of Origin:
America: Maple
China: Tamo Ash

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