Artist: Anthem Gun Aether
Group: Independent 
Brand: Rech
Location: Orange County, California 

Biopic From Anthem: Playing the drumset since 12 years old and growing up with the music of the 80’s, aesthetic, sound, and ability were Anthem’s inspiration. Acoustic and electronic hybrid setups drums along with great cymbals has always been his sound. As a progressive-rock / goth-rock drummer that has recorded sessions with Godfrey Diamond (Frank Sinatra, Tony Levin, Aerosmith, etc) and Scott Humphrey (Motley Crüe, Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osborne, etc), Don Bodin (Tron, Toyota, Manolo Blahnik, etc)… Anthem has also toured Europe, Mexico, and The United States as the live / recording drummer for Atrixo, Die My Darling, Diva Destruction, Psyclon 9, File Underwater, Ava James, Click, Joe Alfaro, Kenny Ernest, Al Estrada, Rana Ross. 

Biggest Influential Drummers
Sim Cain – Rollins Band
Geno Garrett – Madison Scouts, Guardsmen, Vaqueros
Neil Peart - Rush
Pat Torpey - Mr Big

Favourite Rudiment: Triple Stroke Roll

Cymbal Setup:
8" Atomic Splash
9" Effects Heavy Bell
10" Effects Heavy Bell
10" Atomic Splash
12" Prestige China
13" Atomic Hi-Hats
14" Absolute Hi-Hats
14" Atomic China
15" Platinum Hi-Hats
16" Platinum Power Crash
17" Nuclear Devastation China
18" Platinum Power Crash
18" Atomic Reching Bell Ride
19" Platinum Power Crash
19" Nuclear Devastation China
20" Atomic China
22" Atomic Reching Bell Ride
24" Atomic China

Keep up to date with everything Anthem does here
Instagram @anthemgunaether

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    Unleashing the Beat: Anthem Gun Aether Joins Forces with Rech Cymbals

    Unleashing the Beat: Anthem Gun Aether Joins Forces with Rech Cymbals

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