ARTIST: James Bergan
GROUP: Path of Victory
BRAND: Rech, Chaos Sticks
LOCATION: Central Coast N.S.W.

Berg's drumming style is characterized by an aggressive, high-energy, hard-hitting approach that commands attention. With over a decade of experience playing drums since the age of four, Berg has honed his craft to perfection. He prides himself on his ability to write drumlines that embody the concept of "advanced simplicity." On the surface, his drumlines may sound straightforward, but upon closer examination, they reveal a level of technical complexity that sets him apart. Berg draws inspiration from drumming legends such as Justin Foley, Sam Applebaum, and Mat Halpern, and incorporates their techniques into his own unique style.


Inferno dry 10" Splash
Inferno dry 15" Hats
Platinum 18" Crash
Platinum 19" Crash
Atomic 18" Reching Bell Ride
Platinum 19" Sick China
Platinum 17" Sick China (stack top)
Platinum 15" Fast Crash (stack bottom)
Prestige 20" Medium Thin Crash

STICKS : Chaos 5B Chromatics Purple "

Swapped to Chaos Sticks because I needed something durable and well balanced.

Also they're purple…"

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