ARTIST: Izak Easterbrook
GROUP: Thraxas
BRAND: Rech, Chaos Sticks
Izak is a talented drummer who is entirely self-taught. He started playing at the age of 13 and initially focused on blues and rock music. As he got older, he began exploring heavier genres of music such as death metal and melodic metal. His playing style was heavily influenced by bands like Opeth and Children Of Bodom during his formative years, and their groovy and melodic sound can be heard in his playing. Now, after learning from all of his biggest influences and combining them, Izak describes his current drumming style as a fusion of thrash, groove, and death metal.

Peter Wildoer from Darkane
Chris Adler from Lamb of God
Dirk Verbeuren from his Soilwork days.

Flam Parradiddle, Double stroke roll

Atomic 14'' Hi Hats
Atomic 16'' Crash
Atomic 17'' Crash
Prestige 10'' China
Atomic 18'' China
Atomic 16'' China
Atomic 8'' Splash
Atomic 10'' Splash
Atomic 12'' Splash
Atomic'' Reching Bell Ride
Effects 7'' Bell

Sticks Chaos 5AXN.

"Was originally using promark however after many years I was still struggling to find the right feel vs the right size. Chaos 5AXN where perfect for me. The extra reach mixed with the nylon tips really get that 20" Reching mega bell PINGING!"

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