Artist Josh Jansen
Group: Flangipanis, The Arturos, WUSS, The Lou Dogs, Jumping Over Giants
Brand: Rech
Location: Brisbane QLD

Biopic from Josh "I grew up loving punk rock music. Everything from the current (at the time) 90’s punk rock bands like Frenzal Rhomb, NOFX, Rancid, and Pennywise, to the early days of punk rock like the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, Iggy and the Stooges, and The Clash. I played my way through little covers bands, original projects, jazz bands, ska bands, and even one…. Ughh glam rock band. That was just a fill in gig!!! I finally landed the coveted position playing drums in Flangipanis and since then my musical credentials have grown as I have been hired to play drums for many other Brisbane bands, as well as expanding my playing styles and joining a number of other amazing bands."

Biggest Influential Drummers
Chad Smith, Erik “Smelly” Sandin, Josh Freese

Cymbal Setup:
Inferno Dark 15’’ Hi Hats
Inferno Dark 20” Medium Thin crash
Inferno Dark 22” Ride
Inferno Dark 19” China
Prestige 18” Blast Crash
Prestige 22” Medium Thin Ride
Platinum 12” Splash
Platinum 14” Power Hi Hats
Platinum 17” Power Crash
Platinum 18” Power Crash
Platinum 22” Ride

Keep up to date with everything Josh does here
Flangipanis Youtube
The Arturos Youtube
Josh Jansen Instagram  @the_way_i_drum
Flangipanis Instagrm @flangispanis

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