ARTIST: Morgan Cox
GROUP: Valhalore
LOCATION: Brisbane Q.L.D.

Drummer Morgan Cox is a vital force behind Brisbane's explosive metal band, Valhalor. With a style that sets him apart from the crowd, Morgan brings a distinctive touch to the band's sound. One notable aspect of his technique is his preference for the traditional grip, adding a touch of classic elegance to his powerful performances. Drawing inspiration from legendary drummers, Morgan cites Joe Morello, Virgil Donati, and Vinnie Colaiuta as his top three influences and favorite drummers. This admiration for these elite players is evident in Morgan's own playing, as he seamlessly blends intricate patterns, dynamic fills, and captivating grooves into Valhalor's heavy soundscapes. With Morgan Cox on drums, Valhalor's music gains an extra layer of intensity and complexity that keeps fans hooked and wanting more.

Swiss Army Triplet

Cymbal Setup:
Absolute 8” Splash
- Prestige 10” Splash
- Prestige 12” Splash
- Prestige 9/10” Attack Stack
- Prototype 14” Hi-Hats
- Prestige 13” Hi-Hats
- Atomic 18” Crash
- Atomic 19” Crash
- Atomic 20” Crash
- Inferno 18” Sick Crash
- Platinum 17” Sick China
- Atomic 18” China
- Atomic 22” Reching Bell Ride
- Atomic 20” Reching Bell Ride

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