Artist Jack Palmer
Group: Harroway
Brand: Rech, Chaos Drum Sticks
Location: South Sydney

Jack Palmer, a self-taught drummer who honed his skills in his bedroom, has transitioned from his humble beginnings to sharing the stage with notable artists like Ocean Sleeper, Make Them Suffer, Invent Animate, and We Came As Romans. Influenced by a range of genres, from alternative and punk to rock and modern metal, Palmer forms the backbone of Harroway's commanding rhythms. His journey reflects a steadfast commitment to making a lasting impact on the music industry, showcasing a progression from bedroom beats to a prominent presence on stage.

Top 3 Influential Drummers - Jimmy Chamberlain, Chad Smith, Matt Young, Josean Orta

Favourite Rudiment - 
Double Stroke Roll

Cymbal Setup:
8" Inferno Dark Splash
10" Inferno Dark Splash
15" Inferno Dark Hi Hats
19'' Prestige Blast Crash
20'' Prestige Blast Crash
22'' Prestige Medium Thin Ride
20" Atomic China

Sticks - Chaos 3A

Achieving the best of both worlds between 5’s and 2’s without feeling like broom handles, the short taper leaves plenty of body at the end of the stick to give it a solid “weighty” feel.

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